We, COMPLEX SALES are among the reputed companies, We stock a wide range of products concentrating on customer's requirement convenience and value for money. Customer satisfaction and trust are our core integral values and our hard working staff and professionals leave no stone unturned in providing our clients the best and unique service.


We offer products such as liquid mercury, vegetable oil, corn oil, sugar, milk powder, chicken eggs, pasta spaghetti, wheat grain, wood pellets, beer drinks, animal feed, alfalfa hay


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Why Choose Us: 


Best quality Ukrainian products for world wide supply at cheap prices. 


 Our excellent company results point out that we have been succeeding in maintaining the quality standards and in adding value to many world-wide business partners. We are committed to delivering high-quality vegetable oils and fats from the best raw material available. We are ISO22000 certified. ISO22000 integrates the food safety program “HACCP” together with a management system

Fast and Flexible deliveries:

To meet the requirements of the demanding and dynamic oil market we always react quickly to changing situations, for example in case of delivery time, changing labels, or other demands, which shows that we are always striving for customer satisfaction. The knowledge of many years of experience in export, planning, production, transport, customs, buying and shipping enables us to deliver the best products and services for the best possible prices.